Decorating the new place is coming along nicely.

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Your next adventure awaits!
Hand Lettered in the Donald Design studio. 

Adventure Is Out There!

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Today went MUCH better. This morning I got up around 8:30 and went to my parents place to get lunch with them and grab the last of my stuff. It felt like a bit of normalcy that I appreciated very much. I got to see my babies (cats) too and love on them. 

After that, I unloaded the rest of my stuff back at the apartment and started working on figuring out how I’m going to decorate my walls. I have two sets of string lights and a banner of cute fabric. I also have quite a few pictures to place, but I’m not sure if I’ll want those on the walls. I’ll make sure to take pictures and post them once I’ve got all of that stuff sorted. 

In the evening, I went with Andrea to the last night of Shakespeare in the Park which is an annual thing in Nashville. It’s held at Centennial Park and it’s FREE. It was really good. They did the play “As You Like It” told in the 1930s. The actors were phenomenal. I really got into the story. And plus, it was awesome to spend more time with Andrea. I could really see her becoming a best friend very soon. She’s got my same exact sense of humor and we both love Sci-Fi fantasy stories and we’re both creative and asldfjaldjfa;dfkjasd;kl she’s amazing. 

Anyway, I’m feeling more comfortable in the new place now. Tomorrow will be another change for me because now I share a bathroom with Naomi and we have to figure out what kind of morning routine is going to work best for us. I think it’ll be okay though. We’re both of the mentality “I want to do whatever works best for you” so I’m sure there will be forgiveness and grace if things don’t go so smoothly. I’ll have to tell you more about Naomi sometime. She’s basically a human angel. 

Okay, it’s bed time. To those of you who lovingly responded to my post from yesterday, thank you so so so much. I felt so cared for whenever I saw my notifications.


As You Like It with @andreadanielle3 :) (at Shakespeare In The Park — Centennial Park)

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Foster Falls.  (at Foster Falls)

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My happy place.  (at Fiery Gizzard Trail)

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Orange (at Foster Falls)

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This is my second night at my new apartment. So far it’s been okay. The space is great and it takes me less than 10 minutes to get to the house of anyone in my closer community. I literally don’t know what to do with all of my extra time.
My room is pretty much set up. I still have to grab my bathroom stuff and some more of my clothes but besides those things, most everything that I want is here.
Naomi’s awesome. We haven’t really had much time alone yet, but I’m sure that’ll happen soon enough.
Benjamin’s officially pursuing Naomi. So my best friend and most previous crush is pursuing my roommate. I’m not gonna’ lie. That sucks. And I can’t really talk about it within my community because of all the drama that it might cause. I finally told Andrea tonight because I needed to talk to someone about it. I hope she’ll keep it to herself, but even if she doesn’t, it’ll probably only go as far as Sam.
Anyway. There’s a lot of changes going on and it’s left me with a general sense of tension and discomfort. My physical surroundings have changed and so have my relational/social surroundings. Some things are better, some things are worse.
Please pray for me. I’m feeling discouraged.

at Foster Falls

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Fiery Gizzard.  (at Fiery Gizzard Trail)

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how to make friends

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My key chain got a little heavier last night when my friend Naomi handed me her spare apartment key. This weekend I’ll be saying goodbye to Mayberry-esque Franklin and saying hello to whole new vibe in Nashville. Let’s do this.

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The Lone Bellow at Live on the Green. #lotg2014 #LotG #Nashville #Tennessee  (at Public Square Nashville)

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