I love it when people are unashamed of being themselves. Even if it’s something I don’t necessarily agree with, it’s still a beautiful thing to see.

According to my personal experience, a third of the time, one will get wiped out of my eye. That’s what happened a week ago. Another third of the time, it will roll back and only emerge the next morning in the middle of breakfast. (Happened last night/today.) And the last third is up in the air because that one has yet to make an appearance. (Also last night and maybe today.) I guess it’s a glasses kind of day today.

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I need a day to just sit in a coffee shop in a big city to read, cry, and pray.

Girl, you are speaking to my soul.


Honestly, ready to settle down and start a life full of adventure with someone to love.

What happens to contacts when you cry?

~   Kavita Ramdas (via thatkindofwoman)

Last piece of cake. What is this!? Some sort of morals test? If you put cake in front of me, I’m going to eat it. Facts are facts. #AndItIsMySecondSliceOfTheDay #noshame

04.22.14 @ 15:29


Captain America was so unrealistic. You honestly expect me to believe they put the flash drive in the right direction on the first try every time.



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I wish none of you were sad

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